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Matt Newing

Matt Newing

Matt Newing, CEO and Founder of Elite Telecom

Matt Newing is an ambitious tech entrepreneur with an excellent track record in building successful, national and international businesses, through both organic growth and growth by acquisition. As the head of six successful businesses, Matt continues to build, buy and integrate organisations into his superlative cross-industry growth strategy.

The Founder and CEO of Elite, Matt Newing established plc in 2000 with just two staff members. Today, Elite Telecom turns over circa £30m with over 60 staff and four offices, including an office in Madrid.

With a growth strategy based upon innovation and acquisition, Matt has always had one clear aim in all of his businesses; to develop new products and services that add real value to the customer. His main motto is to ‘win at all costs’ and as a naturally competitive businessman, will strive to succeed and offer the best range of independent products that deliver real ROI.

Growing up, Matt was a natural leader and a true wheeler-dealer, finding ways to make profit and calculate margin in the school playground. Matt always knew that he wanted to be his own boss and so it was no surprise that he set up his first company in 1996, when he was just 23 years old.

During the deregulation of the telecoms market in the 90s, Matt Newing saw an opportunity to provide businesses with bespoke telecoms contracts and beneficial end-to-end multi-tier solutions instead of being shackled to one carrier. It is this impartial offering and consultative approach that has led to Elite’s success.

More than five years ago, Matt began to notice an industry shift away from traditional fixed line services to virtual, next gen solutions. As a businessman who is always looking to solve problems and add efficiency, Matt made sure that Elite was an early adopter of IP, hosted telephony and big business connectivity solutions.

With his finger on the pulse and an ear to the ground of the unified communications industry, Matt works above the market finding ways to offer businesses what they need before they even realise they need it. Matt makes clear his goals in delivering powerful connectivity solutions that play a key role in business continuity. Business continuity is the future; it is no longer about ‘disaster recovery.’

The need to work ahead of the market spawned a highly successful acquisition trail, which to date added eight strategic acquisitions under his belt. Elite Telecom is now unrivalled by any other outfit in terms of its product offering, delivery and one bill solution.

Matt’s big personality and unique work ethic has had a very positive impact on the Elite culture. Having mentored and personally developed all of his senior management teams, Matt believes that people are his greatest asset and continues to sustain the drive and determination in every person in the business.

As a result, Matt has built an environment that trains, supports and inspires its staff and always provides opportunities for progression. His funny and charismatic outlook has made Elite an enjoyable place to work and a company that people want to do business with. As he would say; ‘It’s not just about making money, it’s about the journey!’

Outside of the business world Matt avidly follows the world of F1, is a keen wake boarder, snow boarder and a general adrenaline junkie as well as a self-proclaimed ‘terrible golfer.’

"Success is a journey, not a destination, so make the most of it and enjoy it!"

Furthermore, Matt is also a big believer in giving back and supporting local communities, having given away considerable amounts of money to charity over the years. Matt is also a mentor for the Princes Trust, as an advocate of growth and a supporter for the progression of young people, inspiring a new generation and helping young people in business is one of Matt’s core beliefs.

Matt was one of the founding members of the Manx Educational Foundation, further supporting the development of young people on the Isle of Man. Matt has ensured that charity is an integral part of the Elite Telecom culture.

With an eye for opportunity and a fast-paced, results-driven lifestyle, there is no slowing down for Matt Newing – as he says himself: ‘success is a journey, not a destination, so make the most of it and enjoy it!’

Matt will continue to succeed in the building and buying of successful businesses and will continue to further position Elite as the leading unified communications supplier.