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Leading account management

Management account support

Housed within our UK based office is a dedicated account management team.This team includes five individuals who all have a supreme knowledge of the telecommunications industry and additionally an in-house technical support operative to ensure smooth running of your account.

Lee Sidley
Sales Support

Kerry Reeves

Sales Support

Sarah Beff

Sales Support

Lauren Fallows
Sales Support

Matthew Nutter
Mobile Technical Support           

Julia Milton

Operations Manager

Lee, Kerry, Sarah, Lauren, Matthew and Julia are key members of the mobile team. The longest serving member of the team is Julia Milton who began her employment here in 2003; Julia arrived with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Lee, Sarah, Lauren, Matthew and Kerry have been with us for a number of years and are all highly experienced in account management and technical support.

You will be allocated a named customer support manager at contract commencement.

First line support

You will be assigned a dedicated first line support and Business Manager. Your account manager will visit you on a quarterly basis to ensure that you remain on the most cost effective and efficient service. Not only is this important to maintain economic stability but also to fully integrate ourselves within your business so that we are able to instigate trials of new products and services serving to enhance the way in which you work. This is only possible and only becomes a reality by spending time with you and developing this relationship so that we fully understand your business.

A consultative specific Service Level Agreement will be created with your agreement and then implemented internally at mobile, also within the chosen network. A customer’s needs vary greatly, depending on many factors. We have found that by establishing Service Level Agreements as part of the recommended solution, it ensures that clear guidelines and expectations are maintained throughout the course of your tenure.

System support mobile has invested significantly into our in-house CRM system which is the nerve centre of our business. Every call, every email, every single form of communication between mobile and our clients is recorded into our CRM database.  This is instantly available for the whole team to view. We have an intuitive call response/ monitoring system in place which provides extensive reports throughout the course of the day and is in constant view of our account management team.

At mobile, there is no call-steering and all calls are answered within a rigid time frame. We also utilise and widely publish our office free-phone number. Unlike some direct network providers, we want our clients to talk to us and we strive to make it easy and with minimum cost for them to do so.

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