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By Nick Mannion -

For 54% of businesses, the security of the Cloud – or the lack of knowledge of it - is a major hurdle. In part, we are to blame and so are most other Cloud providers, for misinforming businesses on Cloud advancements.

Educating the globe on Cloud and Hosted services has been a huge failure, especially considering how hesitant we are when faced with changes on such a large scale. The Cloud can leverage data and communications, making your business more efficient without the need for hardware. By investing in Cloud and Hosted solutions, you can complete typical IT and comms tasks in hours rather than weeks or months.

However, security is always a concern where change or new systems are involved and as a population, for some undisclosed reason, we are more likely to rely on hardware than software to be secure. But this is completely unfounded, and I’ll tell you why.

The most popular Cloud security hurdles

When you’re thinking of transferring data or even your office phone system to the Cloud you may often come up with some questions on its safety and security. In most cases, and including in our case, the security of the Cloud will mainly lie in the hands of the provider. This means it is our priority to ensure the correct measures are in place, leaving less for you to worry about.

The good news is, 85% of IT professionals are confident in their Cloud provider’s ability to provide a secure environment, for the rest of the 15% these are the main concerns:

  • System downtime/business interruptions
  • Exposure or loss of data during transfers to the cloud
  • Concerns over encryption of data
  • Physical security of cloud service provider data centres
  • Shared technology vulnerabilities
  • Malicious activity from insiders or privileged administrators at cloud providers
  • Identifying/authenticating users
  • Difficulty in assessing and comparing the security of cloud service providers
  • Complying with legal/regulatory requirements

The Cloud is more secure than what most organisations are currently using

The security issues above may be industry wide but are unfounded with Elite Telecom’s Cloud Telephony services. It was Fran Feigenbaum, Enterprise Director of Security at Google, who issued a statement saying that the Cloud is more secure than what most organisations are currently using, and we agree.

Most recently the HM Revenue & Customs became the latest adopter of Cloud technology, saving £1m a year by transferring data stored in local offices to a new centralised government Cloud computing strategy.

"This change will save over £1 million a year in running costs and will increase reliability and security of HMRC’s internal IT services," HMRC's chief information officer Phil Pavitt said.

"The contract is a major step for HMRC in moving away from traditional ways of working with large service providers. And it’s a great example of how we’re exploring smarter, more innovative solutions that make life simpler for us and help us provide a better deal for our customers."

Mark Dempster, an associate of the Centre for Cyber Security, also backed up Fran’s claims that the Cloud can be as safe as traditional storage offerings, but companies must contact and find out about the processes and security in place by the Cloud services provider to be sure that the provider is legit. Here at Elite, we will gladly provide you with information and audits of our security software and data centre to make your decision easier.

Cloud and hosted technology to make better use of your telecoms

There are many reasons why businesses are choosing to move their systems and hardware out of the workplace:

  • Resiliency – A data centre will typically have three power feeds – traditional mains, a battery operated UPS and a diesel generator. This ensures your systems stay up all the time. Accompanied with this there should be two air conditioning systems and access to multiple network providers to guarantee full redundancy in the event of a problem.
  • Cost – Once your equipment is put in a data centre, you can take managed services to maintain it; this can reduce staff overhead significantly. Also with the variable cost of electricity at your office, it can really benefit your business to have a guaranteed monthly charge including all facilities your communications room needs.
  • Space – Telephone systems and servers can take up a lot of space, moving to data centres can reduce the size of your communications room or remove the cabinet in your office, leaving valuable space for personnel, not systems

How Elite Telecom address the ‘security hurdles’ successfully

Elite takes care of all security concerns, with a very private and secure data centre, we have never had an issue with breaches or hackers. Equally, as we promise 99.99% uptime, we provide you with a safe and secure Cloud desktop – since this service has been on the market, we are pleased to inform you that there has not been one single second of downtime in our offering.

Our Hosted Cloud Desktop solution enables businesses to access their data, applications and phone system from anywhere in the world, without the worry of installing updates and performing regular backups – we take care of these for you. Our Hosted services are also PCI Compliant meaning you can tick off your PCI DSS checklist simply by investing in a cheaper and more scalable solution.

The Cloud security issue is becoming a popular cause for concern, but hopefully my thoughts and the thoughts of the reputable others will persuade you that your business has nothing to worry about when migrating to software based solutions.

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About Nick Mannion

Nick Mannion is the Commercial Director at Elite Telecom having joined the company 8 years ago. Specialising in carrier and key account relations, he has a passion for Next Generation services and is a diehard Man City supporter.