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Business ADSL and business broadband

Business Broadband and Business ADSL

Business ADSL is your basic Internet connection, and the starting point for many small businesses. It provides a step up from your traditional home solution by offering more resilience and speed but also ensures that you are not paying too much for a bigger connection that you aren’t fully utilising.

Key Features of Business ADSL from Elite

  • Mix lines from multiple ADSL carriers
  • Fast re-routing to secondary service to limit downtime
  • Easy to order and installs with pre-configured hardware and networks
  • No additional monthly DSL charges
  • Perfect for basic use of internet functions i.e. email and web browsing
  • ‘Always on’ presence

Here at Elite we offer ADSL Failover, which comes with the added protection of a secondary line. Should the primary line fail, the secondary will take over, with the same LAN IP range (as seen by the customer switch). This ensures that your business stays connected 24 hours a day.

Increase opportunity

Increase opportunity
For many start-ups and small businesses, the web is the land of opportunity, get off on the right foot with a fully resilient business broadband connection.


Better than your standard business ADSL from anywhere else; this is because we provide a secondary line from another carrier for ultimate DR.

Cost effective

Cost effective
Affordable for every business; we have different packages available ranging from the average home user to the SME all at one fixed monthly price.

Easy to manage

Easy to manage
Our business ADSL solution comes as either a managed or unmanaged package and a useful online monitoring tool for your to check your bandwidth usage.

Easy to upgrade

Easy to upgrade
You may find that your business outgrows the standard ADSL package but we are on hand to deliver more bandwidth and faster speeds whenever you need them via our wide range of connectivity services.

  • Primary to secondary ADSL failover
  • Download speeds of up to 16Mb/s
  • Upload speeds of up to 2.5Mb/s
  • Same IP addresses on both lines
  • No Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Choose from 4 or 8 IP addresses in an internet facing mode or in a VPN facing environment

Business ADSL is great for home businesses, start-ups and small businesses that only require basic internet functions i.e. email and web browsing. If your business requires more bandwidth or symmetrical download and upload speeds then be sure to take a look at our other connectivity solutions.

Why choose ADSL from Elite Telecom?

Our ADSL broadband deals combine the best business ADSL and copper lines from the UK’s tier one carriers, all combined and designed into one bespoke business broadband package. We have a proven track record in supporting small businesses, helping provide the solutions that help your grow and then the solutions that support your growth.

With every connectivity solution we provide industry leading SLAs, proactive account managers and your own customer service representative.

To discuss your business connectivity options, contact our trusted experts today.

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