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Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Elite Telecom can provide EFM from over 1000 points of presence in the UK by using multiple carriers to your advantage. Each EFM circuit we install is tailored and bespoke to individual business needs so that we ensure you only pay for what you need.

Key features of EFM from Elite

  • Access to high speeds and reliable connectivity without the high price of fibre lines 
  • Uses copper that is already in place to keep installation time to a minimum 
  • Uses multiple copper lines to ensure your business stays connected at all times
  • Class leading service levels
  • Lower rental and installation costs
  • Elite can provide your EFM circuit at the most competitive rates
  • Dedicated account management and 24/7 support
  • Affordable next step from ADSL or FTTC for growing businesses

Ethernet First Mile (or Ethernet in the First Mile) is one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines, this is because it is the most cost effective. Unlike a traditional Leased Line, EFM mixes new technology with ‘old world’ copper in the first mile which instantly means lower costs, higher resilience and faster installation times.

Elite’s EFM service makes leased lines affordable to all small to medium enterprises whether in town or rurally located, whilst delivering the same quality and SLAs.

Lower costs

Lower costs
EFM lease lines are 45% cheaper than a standard leased line due to use of copper instead of fibre.

Faster installation

Faster installation
We can install EFM in around half the time it takes for standard leased lines as the copper already exists in the ground.

Easy monitoring and cost management

Easy monitoring and cost management
Use our online bandwidth usage tool to make quick decisions and alter your bandwidth as necessary to keep costs down.

Increase productivity and decision making

Increase productivity and decision making
Connect multiple sites and share information faster and easier than ever before, ensuring you benefit from faster sales cycles and more responsive customer service teams.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable
Increase bandwidth usage as your business grows.

Responsive support from the experts

Responsive support from the experts
24/7 monitoring and technical support is available from Elite’s team of superior connectivity support experts, with industry leading, comprehensive SLAs.

  • Smooth lines with no interruptions
  • Speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps can be achieved over multiple copper pairs using EFM technology
  • Dedicated internet connection with guaranteed upload and download speeds
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Uncontended internet connection
  • 99.99% target service availability and four hour fix time
  • Guaranteed bandwidth and managed hardware
  • Industry leading SLA latency target of under 20milliseconds
  • IPv6 ready
  • QoS upon request
  • SIP trunking available over your EFM leased line

EFM gives you more than a standard broadband or fibre line by upgrading you to an uncontended, dedicated private line that connects multiple sites and delivers higher bandwidth.

Why choose EFM from Elite Telecom?

By speaking to the experts at Elite today we can use our in-house price checker tool, simply by entering your post code we are able to get an instant quote on EFM services and leased lines in your area.

We work with numerous EFM providers to ensure the widest reach and range of service. With every leased line from Elite comes competitive, industry leading SLAs, your own account manager and customer services representative as well as a bespoke disaster recovery plan which ensures 99.999% uptime.

We can also provide quality corporate grade services over your leased line such as SIP trunking, to save on your overall telecoms costs. Contact Elite Telecom now to discuss your EFM leased line service.

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