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FTTC - Business Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) allows small businesses to take advantage of a high speed broadband solution without the need for costly dedicated connectivity as found with leased lines or private MPLS networks

Key features of FTTC

  • Uses an infrastructure of fibre routes to deliver faster download and upload speeds
  • Fibre optics have higher bandwidth than copper cables
  • They can carry higher  frequency ranges while copper wire attenuates or loses strength at high frequencies
  • Fibre cables are far less susceptible to noise and electromagnetic interference
  • Local area network using modern copper lines can carry 3,000 telephone calls all at once, while a similar system using fibre optics can carry over 30,000
  • Take advantage of VoIP, remote working and hosted or cloud services
  • 10 x faster than normal business broadband
  • Business grade quality - we do not touch home user connections as part of your FTTC connection like other companies do

An FTTC network solution provides a super-fast business broadband connection over Fibre Optic Cable from the Telephone Exchange to green street boxes (the cabinets). The super-fast VDSL technology is then carried at rapid speed from your local street cabinet to your office.

FTTC is great step for businesses that have currently outgrown their business ADSL and are looking for a more scalable, faster and higher bandwidth connectivity solution.

Responsive support from the experts

Responsive support from the experts
24/7 monitoring and technical support is available from Elite’s team of superior connectivity support experts, with industry leading, comprehensive SLAs.

Faster speeds

Faster speeds
With FTTC your business can send and receive large files with ease, benefit from responsive hosted applications and exercise download speeds 10 x faster than normal broadband.

Cost effective

Cost effective
Migrate to a next generation network and give your business more infrastructure for less. Ideal for growing businesses that demand high bandwidth at an affordable price.

Invest in future-led services

Invest in future-led services
You can take advantage of more flexible and advanced, future-led communications solutions such as hosted telephone, cloud services and utilise data hungry applications like video and web conferencing without interference or buffering/lost connections.

Improve communication and collaboration

Improve communication and collaboration
Faster connectivity and higher bandwidth ultimately improves the flow of communication and therefore the quality of service you offer to customers.

Support modern key trends

Support modern key trends
Mobilise your workforce with wireless devices such as mobiles and tablets to ensure work can be carried out from any location.

  • Up to 80Mb/s downstream
  • Up to 20Mb/s upstream
  • Over 500 exchanges enabled
  • Bulk checking available
  • PAYG options available
  • Monthly allowance options available
  • Up to 8 static IP addresses
  • Unmetered options
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Good availability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Choose from FTTC 40 (40 Mb/s download, 10Mb/s upload) or FTTC 80 (80Mb/s download, 20Mb/s upload)

If you’re a small business that has outgrown its current ADSL solution or simply an SME looking for a high speed connectivity solution at an affordable price, then FTTC is for you. If you are looking to take the step towards investing in cloud services, than FTTC can also allow you to support and benefit from responsive hosted applications as being utilised by big corporate companies.

Why choose FTTC from Elite Telecom?

At Elite we hold relationships with each of the UK’s Tier 1 carriers, meaning that we have a majority access to FTTC - no one carrier in the UK has the best reach, coverage and price whereas we can combine the best of all three.

At Elite our approach is much more personal than the larger carriers. We prefer to get to know you and tailor services to your needs rather than base them on price, or provide you with something that you won’t use.

By calling Elite today we are able to see immediately whether your business location is able to benefit from FTTC. We are also able to use our system speed checker to get a personalised estimate of the speed that you can expect for each line depending on how far away you are from the cabinet.

To see if you are currently eligible, contact Elite Telecom today.

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