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Data storage and business continuity services

Data Storage and Business Continuity

Aside from employees, data is often the most critical aspect of any business. Customer details, discretionary financial information or even the software applications that fuel your day to day running all need somewhere to live. Elite Telecom can offer your business hardware based storage facilities or remotely hosted/Cloud based storage solutions.

We understand that as your business grows, you will have an increasing need to safely store or archive corporate data. Storing and managing business information securely is critical, for legal reasons many organisations are permitted to archive data from previous years. But in a world full of information overload, where can all of this data go?

At Elite Telecom we are data specialists, we provide data storage services on a completely bespoke basis. Our longstanding industry relationships and highly reliable data centres mean that we are in the best position to understand your needs and build a solution. This solution may often combine a range of data storage products and services to ensure you are benefiting from the most compatible package.

What is Data Storage?

Storing business critical information such as emails, documents, databases or audio files is the lifeblood of most companies. As well as tidying up or organising your data, data storage solutions can also be a key tool in disaster recovery and business continuity.

Applications that run and protect your business can take up vital hardware space, which may not leave room for much else. There are many options available for any sized business to invest in data storage and today companies are even spoilt for choice on the location of that data. The first point of call for any organisation would be to establish the type of information they wish to store and how they wish to access it.

Data storage can reduce costs and increase productivity by remotely hosting programmes that can cause on-site applications to run slowly. They can also save your business from legal disputes by helping you archive crucial data and emails.

Data Security

Perhaps what’s more important than simply archiving or storing your data is ensuring that this data is secure, fraudulent activity and an increase in hacking has meant that the security of data is now top priority for organisations. Elite can ensure that of any data storage solution we provide, the safekeeping and safeguarding of this information always comes first.

This will ensure you are protected against the result of malicious attacks, accidental database corruption, system failures or natural disasters.


  • Biggest range of data storage services including hardware or cloud based data storage
  • Full back-up and recovery plans so you do not need to worry about looking after your data
  • Your data is backed up at the end of each day
  • Fire proof safe to store important belongings or paperwork, or a safe house somewhere off site
  • Your data can be backed up as frequently as you need depending on the nature of your business
  • Backed up data is always accessible
  • Disaster recovery
  • Lower operating costs and a monthly payment option available
  • Additional security
  • Easy access to data


  • Tidy up data and makes your business more organised
  • Allows hardware to run faster with programmes/files housed remotely
  • Safe and secure solutions mean less for you to worry about
  • On going data storage assessments to ensure you always have the solution best for your needs
  • Future proofs your organisation with scalable and flexible solutions
  • End to end communications solutions
  • Data storage can form the wider part of a unified communications platform
  • Lower operating costs and a monthly payment option available
  • Reduces costs and resources needed to maintain data on site
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • UK based customer services, faults and billing teams

Data Storage Solutions from Elite Telecom

At Elite we know that data storage is not a one size fits all solution so we work closely with some of the UK’s biggest data vendors to choose the best storage solution to meet all your current and future requirements. There are many different kinds of data storage and back-up and recovery services, your bespoke data storage package from Elite could consist of any of the following, dependent entirely upon your individual business needs:

  • Virtualisation - As data storage needs advanced, we started using multiple, confusing drives to keep and access information. Virtualisation is the abstraction of data from a range of multiple drives into one central location, so that managing and maintaining information is easier. This makes data storage much simpler as it confines different data and information from separate databases to one source with one point of access.

  • Replication Software - Data replication is a managed service where your data is stored or backed up on multiple storage devices, this also provides your business with the most rapid disaster recovery solution. It is different from back-up services as the data remains unchanged; it is just saved in multiple places for safety reasons at your business’ discretion.

    Data replication proves an extra measure of redundancy that can be invaluable if the main storage back-up system fails. You are granted immediate access to the replicated data to minimise downtime and costs in the event of disaster. Elite’s replication services cover virtual or physical environments, or a combination of both.

  • Online Back-up - Elite provides many bespoke back-up packages, we can help you decide what data should be backed up and how often. As we work with leading data centres to provide back-up services to businesses of all sizes, we have the advantage of creating unique packages tailored to the organisational needs.

    With Elite you can invest in a fully managed online back-up solution, you are able to benefit from the use of our reliable infrastructure by having your back-ups managed and located remotely. On the other hand, we are aware that many businesses prefer to own the infrastructure themselves, so we can also provide and manage private back-up vaults.

    Our backup services ensure your company's data and IT are protected using a combination of software, hardware and data centre infrastructure. Our specialist engineers will monitor all of your back-up operations on a daily basis providing only the best in security and support.

  • Disaster Recovery - When disaster strikes make sure your business is prepared by working with Elite Telecom to create your bespoke disaster recovery data plan. We can offer the best in virtual and Cloud disaster recovery services that allows you to easily recover a single service, or your entire server environment in rapid time during an unprecedented event.

    A copy of your infrastructure and network is preconfigured onto the Elite Telecom DR platform, in the event of disaster your business can continue as normal by logging into your restored back-up environment from any internet connected device.

  • Colocation solutions - Elite Telecom offer colocation services to businesses wishing to rehouse their systems externally. We can provide your organisation with a secure and resilient environment for software applications and web servers within our data centre. All colocation services are built entirely upon a business to business basis, scaled to meet your individual need - from managed hosting through to floorspace and bespoke builds, we have a colocation solution for every budget.

    Our flexible service range is guaranteed to meet your security requirements, with only the highest level of performance and reliability. Colocation services are also a perfect disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your business should anything happen on site, we have your entire server infrastructure in a secure location with optimum connectivity. We also offer bespoke security solutions on all of our colocation plans.

Why choose Elite Telecom for your Data Storage Solution?

All of our data storage packages are designed for IT staff with limited time to manage or maintain solutions. We have the biggest range of data storage products to be able to combine any of these services to create a truly unique data plan, no matter how many types of services you require we will only ever send you one easy to understand monthly bill.

As we take a consultative approach on all of our solutions, you can be guaranteed that any package is based around your needs. Due to our history of long standing carrier and IT relationships, we are able to cut across the market to choose the best solution for your business and budget.

All customers of Elite receive dedicated account management as well as access to our UK-based customer services, faults and billing teams.

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