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Data Centre Colocation

Investing in first class data centre facilities across the UK we can provide you with an unrivalled colocation service that offers you the protection, resilience and connectivity you need.

Built to the highest industry standards our ISO accredited data centres ensure your data is not only secure but allows you to benefit from exceptional high speed network connectivity, private circuits, load balancing, managed security, backups and fully outsourced management.

    Key Features of Colocation

  • Access to premier datacentres situated in key locations, Isle of Man, Manchester and London keeping your servers off site but never out of reach or control
  • Varying colocation configurations built to your custom needs including full, half and quarter racks, private suites and multiple ‘U’ of rack space and HD provision
  • Cut large capital and time investment with no need to purchase, deploy, scale and manage physical devices
  • 24/7/365 support with a virtual hands service acting as an extension of your IT department as and when you need it
  • Benefit from superior resilience with a multitude of backup and security options
  • Multi-factor building access and ISO accredited security measures to ensure maximum protection of your server at all times
  • Latest generation temperature and humidity systems to ensure optimum server environment

Letting us protect and power your IT, whilst ensuring you always have complete control and technical assistance, colocation offers the perfect solution for many businesses. Allowing you to reap the benefits of highly invested facilities without the usual costs and time deployment, we offer a range of colocation configurations custom built to your requirements. 


We operate our own high performance, low latency MPLS network with 10E connectivity across the UK. Powered by Juniper our state of the art network combined with our leading supplier IP Transit and DDOS protection offers unrivalled flexible and reliable services.


With no reliance on a single fuel source and an interconnection to the National Grid we have a highly available electricity supply further protected by diesel generators to ensure continuity. Designed and built by leading manufacturers Mardix all the distribution systems within the facility use premium components ensuring the pathway from power to rack is never compromised.


In compliance with ISO027001 accreditation our security measures are recognised with periodic risk assessments to give you the peace of mind you need. Protected by multi-factor door entry systems we guarantee optimum levels of physical and operational security. Partnered with our extensive CCTV monitoring, air-lock steel doors and anti-tailgating systems we control every point of entry.

Super Cool

Super Cool
Our first class hosting environment utilises highly efficient CRAC units, cold-aisle containment systems and a range of redundant cooling systems throughout the facility. These premium grade cooling systems enable us to leverage the environment to benefit from ‘Free-Cooling’, which results in high operational efficiencies reflected by an industry leading PUE value.

Superior Support

Superior Support
With expert staff monitoring at our data-centres 24/7/365, we are immediately available whenever you require assistance. We can also deploy a remote hands service at your convenience, giving you the support you require without the need to visit the datacentre.

High Density

High Density
Whatever your requirements we have the skillset and facilities to meet them. Offering larger scale high density deployments using the latest generation of HD in-row cooling systems we cater to IT loads of up to 50KW per cab.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective
The colocation approach means you can benefit from enterprise grade facilities that are often out of your purchasing power. We manage the entire hardware lifecycle, from vendor negotiations to disposal allowing you to focus on more pressing business issues and leaving you capital investment free.

  • The topology of the power distribution systems within our facilities ensure a fully diverse A+B power supply, backed by a pair of N+1 UPS systems, diesel generators and distribution paths
  • Customer racks can be provided with redundant 16 or 32A feeds, single or three-phase with HD deployment available
  • CCTV monitoring systems throughout our datacentre
  • Multi-factor door-entry systems (Card, Pin, Biometric)
  • IG2000 Gas Fire Suppression systems and VESDA fire systems throughout
  • Extensive DCIM and BMS systems
  • Cold-Aisle containment systems @ 22 degrees C
  • High Density cooling options (>20KW)
  • Chilled water and under floor cooling and ‘free cooling’ capability

If you want to own and control all of your hardware but want to evade the deployment resource and capital to establish your own data centre, then colocation is your perfect solution. You can simply move your systems into our state of the art buildings specially kitted for this purpose, leaving all of your security and availability concerns at the door.

 Why Choose Colocation from Elite Telecom?

With data centres housed in key locations across the UK and routes to Ireland we’re in a privileged position we want you to take advantage of. With a global customer base, we provide you not only with access to premier facilities but the staff skillset to provide you with the highest levels of service at all times. Simply get in touch with us today if you’d like to discuss a bespoke colocation solution that’s right for you.

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