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Global Connect

Elite Global Connect is a unique and revolutionary product, designed for simplicity and convenience for the modern day business traveller. Our simple and transparent pricing structure and mobile phone hire model puts businesses back in control.

The sheer cost and inconvenience some businesses endure in maintaining an ‘always on’ presence when travelling abroad led to the creation of our Elite Global Connect service, minimising the increasing issue of ‘bill shock.’

With international call charges five times higher than calls on home networks and data roaming costs of around £8/MB, we know that the last thing businesses want after forking out on airfare and accommodation is paying extortionate fees simply to be able to continue business as usual abroad.

The Elite Global Connect service works in conjunction with your existing business mobile services and is compatible with all networks.

Named Account Manager

Named Account Manager
Your named account manager will be the main point of contact to set up your account, manage transfers and ports, and undertake regular account review meetings throughout the contract.

Desk Based Account Manager

Desk Based Account Manager
Your named desk based account manager will deal with your day to day change requests and any other issues you may have.

Billing Reconciliation Service

Billing Reconciliation Service
Elite will provide all elements of service, but you will be billed by Vodafone Direct. Our billing reconciliation service proactively compares the agreed rates against actual bills. If any errors are found, our service team will apply for the credits from Vodafone on your behalf.

Quarterly Review Service

Quarterly Review Service
As a committed technology partner, we seek to apply products and solutions to drive efficiency and reduce costs. To ensure our solution is matching your business needs, we commit to a regular review structure.

Cost Management

Cost Management
Reduce roaming costs by up to 70%. No contract, just use for as long as you need and return when finished.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency
Workers can stay connected wherever they are in the world which greatly enhances the efficiency of any organisation. Forward calls from your own number so you never miss a call when you are away.

Easy Management

Easy Management
Devices and SIMs delivered to the location of your choice with a hassle free replacement service. Orders are provisioned and delivered within 24 hours.

  • Highest quality handsets and the latest smartphones
  • International reliable high speed data solution
  • Satellite phone rentals for remote locations
  • 24/7 support
  • Designated account management

Any size of organisation with frequent business travellers will benefit immensely from Elite’s Global Connect Service, including but not limited to:

  • Event and Hospitality 
  • Sports Teams
  • Multi-site global businesses

About Elite Global Connect

Our team of experts negotiate directly with hundreds of global networks to bring you cost effective and reliable solutions for cheap international voice and data.

We provide your business with SIM and device rental (mobile, tablet or dongle) for your chosen destination. Our direct agreements with local networks mean you are paying local rates rather than roaming rates, reducing roaming costs by up to 70%.

As well as mobile SIMs and handset rentals we can also provide your business with Micro SIMs, Mobile Broadband Dongles and MiFi solutions. MiFi enables travellers to connect all devices to the internet anywhere in the world with international wireless data and 3G mobile routers.

Elite Global Connect pocket-size travel routers feature the latest in mobile internet technology, allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet and smartphone to a reliable internet connection while on the move.

Our in house independent roaming experts are here to help you save money, avoid large roaming bills and navigate the minefield of international roaming costs. Contact us today to start saving.

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