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Video Conferencing Solutions and Services

Video Conferencing Solutions

In today’s high speed business world we’re always looking for more effective ways to communicate and video conferencing is about as personal as it gets without physically being in the same room.

Video conferencing from Elite Telecom will change the way you do business, allowing you to be face to face with colleagues, suppliers and customers without ever leaving the office.

Why should your business invest in video conferencing?

Any business can benefit from a video conferencing solution, regardless of size, sector or location. If your business relies on staff travelling up and down the country to customer meetings, supplier appointments and training, or simply to other offices, then a video conferencing solution from Elite could help you reduce overheads and cut travel costs.

Video conferencing will also significantly increase efficiencies within your organisation. How long do your employees spend driving, or on trains and planes during company time? With video conferencing software these challenges are eliminated allowing employees to work to their full potential throughout the day.

A high performance video conferencing service will allow your employees to contact any customer, supplier or colleague at any time no matter where they are in the world, without the expense of travel and accommodation. Video conferencing works like a two-way TV, delivering vision and audio in real-time; all you need is a screen, microphone and webcam.

Video conferencing equipment can help those businesses who routinely spend money and waste company time planning the following:

  1. Meetings – team, board, customer, suppliers etc.
  2. Training
  3. Interviews
  4. Product launches
  5. Presentations

It’s easy to start a video conference, meaning you can maintain productivity right up to the time you’re needed.

Video Conferencing Features

  • Real-time visuals and audio
  • Ability to connect multiple people
  • Voice activated switching so you see the person who is speaking
  • Ability to share data and media

Video Conferencing Benefits

  • More personal than a phone call
  • Connect face to face regardless of location
  • Cuts travel costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Share documents and applications in real-time
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Significant return on investment

Video Conferencing & Unified Communications

Video conferencing can be part of a wider unified communications solution, bringing substantial cost savings to any organisation. UC brings the convenience of a single communications interface into the business to integrate communications that simplify the employee workflow. A unified communications platform allows you to make web, audio and video conferences from one single source on your desktop, laptop or mobile.

It also combines a multitude of ways to contact any person in your address book including IM, email, SMS and more. Elite Telecom can supply businesses with end-to-end communications solutions including video conferencing as a stand-alone service or as part of a unified communications system. You can also combine other services such as call recording, data storage and any other Elite product into a tailored bespoke monthly plan, all on one simple invoice.

Customer Service and Support

At Elite Telecom we treat all of our customers as individuals because we know that no two businesses are the same. As each organisation has different needs and requirements we take the time to get to know you, your business and what you want from your video conferencing solution. We only offer services that will benefit your business.

All Elite customers receive a dedicated Account Manager and access to our customer service, faults and billing teams who will work closely with you every step of the way. Our unique business model also means that you can add other Elite Telecom services to your package whenever you like, and no matter how many additional products you acquire you will only ever receive one easy to manage, monthly bill.

As we take the consultative approach, you can guarantee that we are only offering your business independent and unbiased advice. Due to our multiple long standing supplier relationships, we hold no leniency or bias to any one vendor, meaning that you can be rest assured we only ever offer the best solution suited to your business and budget.

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If you want to create efficiencies and cut travel costs in your business then call Elite Telecom today to discover how a Video Conferencing solution could benefit you.