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Skype for Business Integration by Elite

Skype for Business - Why choose Elite Telecom?

The new ‘Swyx Connector for Skype’ is available in the latest release of SwyxWare 2015 R3.

All SwyxWare users who rely on Skype for Business for messaging and collaboration, can now easily take advantage of Swyx’s enterprise telephony functions using Swyx Connector for Skype.

Getting Skype for Business is a quick and easy process and at Elite Telecom, as a Gold Skype for Business Partner, we are best positioned to deploy and integrate the service for you end to end.

Collaboration is the future. With Skype for Business, you can send an IM, start or join an audio or video conference, or should you make the smart move to integrate your telephony, you could use voice through the same platform or device.

Skype for Business can improve your business communication with IM and Presence, Video Conferencing, Office Integration, Mobile Apps, or Telephony Integration.

IM and Presence

IM and Presence
Presence information today is vital, with more employees on the road and employees/offices spread across multiple locations, being able to see in real time who is available and via which device is imperative in a fast functioning business. Skype for Business gives colleagues live updates and statuses of contacts, complete with user photos and location information. This allows team members to keep track of projects and colleagues more efficiently and ensure they get the right information as and when they need it.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing used to be an expensive separate solution found in boardrooms across the world. Typically you’d go through many steps to create the environment and although they were effective at bridging gaps between employees, teams and board members, they were often time consuming. Skype for Business simplifies video conferencing by using the Cloud, it allows you to create and join conferences much easier than before. You can enter or create an audio, video or web conference in a single click, within seconds, without having to find a conferencing line or enter an access code.

Office Integration

Office Integration
One of the biggest selling points of Skype for Business is its ability to work hand in hand with other Microsoft applications. Skype for Business is certainly the best solution on the market if you wish to combine and converge your other Microsoft products – such as Outlook, Office and Sharepoint - into one communications platform.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps is the billion pound market most IT businesses want to be a part of, not only popular for personal use, but imperative in driving office collaboration on the move. Skype for Business allows mobile workers to communicate with the office more easily by having access to the solution via computers, browsers, smartphones and tablets. It allows people away from the office to work just as effectively as though they were on site, with the same access to IM, presence information, video and audio conferencing and voice option as any other colleague on the premises.

The Fifth Skype for Business Benefit – Phone System Integration

Elite Telecom can provide your business with the fifth business benefit of Skype for Business - a seamless integration between Skype for Business and your phone system. Skype for Business provides users with a unified communications management platform; however businesses are finding phone system integration a stumbling block leaving the telephony element of the system unfit for purpose.

Partial deployment

Despite a wide adoption of Skype for Business since its launch, the partial deployment of the solution is holding businesses back, especially those that believe successful telephony integration can only take place between Skype for Business and a Microsoft phone system. This is simply not the case because there are many, many phone systems which are compatible with Skype for Business and able to fully integrate.

Here at Elite, as integration specialists we can offer advice on your current voice set up and let you know: if a) it is Skype for Business voice ready, b) it can be ready and enabled with minor modifications or c) if you require a new system in order to make the most of a slick integration. If you use a compatible phone system, your Skype for Business integration will simply involve adding a plug in and some software onto the phone system. This will deliver seamless full-featured voice communications within your familiar Skype for Business environment. If you require a new phone system or are interested in upgrading your current system, we can advise you on the most suitable options, specifically for your business.

Getting the most from Skype for Business

With considerable experience in telephony deployment, in particular but not limited to Avaya and Mitel phone systems, we are well positioned to advise you on the best recommendations in relation to your unified communications strategy and we will work closely with you to strategically implement the best practices for your business.

With Skype for Business integrated successfully, the new set up has the potential to reduce costs and most certainly increase efficiency through a seamless user experience. For your free consultation on getting Skype for Business and/or a quick and easy integration process, call the specialists at Elite Telecom today.