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International Telephone Numbers

Elite Telecom has developed long-term partnerships with carriers across the globe to build a vast network for international inbound telephone numbers. Elite’s network for in country local, toll free, universal toll free and revenue share numbers covers in excess of 145 countries and 7,500 cities worldwide.

With considerable experience in the international telecommunications market Elite Telecom, is well positioned to advise and make recommendations regarding your global numbering strategy. This combined with the potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency through our range of value-add services present a very attractive proposition.

In country local numbers

Elite Telecom can provide your business with In country local numbers that can give you an instant presence in over 145 countries and 7,500 cities across the globe. Our virtual numbers will give the perception that you have a local presence in that particular country, even if you do not. Calls can be answered in either the country of origin or switched to any alternative destination seamlessly using our online call management platform.

These numbers are ideal for multilingual/global call centres as well as businesses that want to operate in numerous countries but can’t afford the overhead of setting up multiple/international offices.

In country toll free numbers

Also known as international Freephone, this number type offers one of the most effective and attractive ways to entice customers to contact your business via a free to call option. Elite Telecom can supply In country toll free numbers give the perception that you have a presence in that particular country even if you do not. We have availability in over 100 countries and calls can be answered in either the country of origin or switched to any alternative destination seamlessly using our online call management platform.

International Presence

International Presence
Become an international business over night; establish yourself in multiple countries and make yourself appear larger and more successful.

Live Call Reporting

Live Call Reporting
Live call data can be used intuitively to track the effectiveness of your international numbers as well as providing any up to the minute statistical information you require on site. i.e. number of calls, length of call etc.


As you are in charge of your call routing you are easily able to change where the number is pointed via our online portal.

Manage Marketing & Budgeting

Manage Marketing & Budgeting
Unique numbers can be used in separate marketing campaigns to gage which campaigns are more successful than others.

Never Miss a Call

Never Miss a Call
Automatic reroute to any device to ensure your business never misses a call.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity
Calls are routed easily and seamlessly within just a few clicks should disaster occur on site. The number goes wherever you do, whether you move offices or simply suffer an outage, calls can even be rerouted to mobile devices or home workers.


Choose a phone number for your business that encourages callers and is easy to remember.

  • Speedy set up
  • Itemised monthly billing
  • Online and real time call stats
  • Doesn’t replace your landline, simply works alongside it
  • Can be routed anywhere including mobiles and international destinations
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
  • Combine with IVR, call queuing and call recording to enhance your customer’s call journey
  • Elite Telecom works with many number providers to give the best pick of number sequences
  • Virtual international numbers for a number of worldwide locations
  • Appear local to a particular country without actually having an office there
  • Instant connection
  • Professional advice from the number experts
  • Multiple carrier relationships across the world enables us to port numbers from most providers
  • International toll free phone numbers offer low cost alternative for customers

More International numbering options

As part of Elite’s global services offering we can also provide revenue share and shared call number options but these are more restricted to European countries. There is also a ‘Universal Freephone’ option available which effectively enables you to advertise one standalone global free to call number. Rather than having individual numbers per country, one number is used which is then activated to receive calls from the required destination. Further details are available upon request.