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Public sector telecoms, hosting, security and data solutions

Public Sector Solutions

Diminishing budgets and same service delivery expectations are challenges the public sector must face year on year. With consistent cut backs and more demanding public needs, at Elite Telecom we’ve developed the experience and expertise to help you tackle these obstacles. Offering a range of communications solutions across health, educational and governmental institutions we’ve helped public sector organisations across the country. From Devon County Council to Holy Cross College our solutions have facilitated substantial savings, increased flexibility and enhanced control over telephony and next generation technology.

Limited and expensive to maintain, traditional telecoms solutions are simply no longer viable if you want to deliver the best service and generate cost savings. This is why Elite’s cloud solutions allow you to break free from inflexible systems and respond rapidly to demand by allowing you to seamlessly and easily add extra capacity for busy periods and adapt to organisational expansion

Telecoms, hosting security and data solutions for the public sector.

Whether you’re a university that relies on core telecoms to deliver world-class academic research and inter-institution collaboration, or are a local government looking to run consistent, accessible day-to-day administration, we can help you do more with less. As a dedicated provider we'll help you find your perfect solution and navigate the minefield of next generation comms to implement the right technology so you can improve performance and lower total cost of ownership.

For more information on how our solutions can help your public sector give us a call today and our team of experts will be happy to assist.


Merge or migrate your systems to solutions that will deliver instant efficiency.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings
Moving away from legacy and underutilised technologies such as ISDN to more efficient and powerful SIP trunking, this alone can look to save local authorities, health departments and educational institutions anywhere between 25-40% on their current calls and lines, giving you more budget to spend where it matters most.


Managing the shift to shared or consolidated services our cloud communications can assist any organisation towards a more efficient infrastructure.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke solution to perfectly fit your organisation’s needs.

  • Easy migration
  • Support BYOD initiatives securely
  • With a full range of voice solutions to complement our cloud technology
  • Access all your business critical data when on the move
  • Intelligent call queuing we can significantly boost your call answer rates and help you effectively manage high call volumes during busy periods to improve the complete caller experience
  • Mobile, data and hosted telephony services available

At Elite Telecom we won’t just offer you a solution we’ll offer you constant innovation and scalability.

We analyse every customers’ current requirements to find the best fit solution and work with you to ensure that the solution always caters to your needs – whether five or ten years in the future.

From mobile, data and hosted telephony solutions all of our products are not only designed to help you overcome cost challenges but also help you press towards a smarter and more flexible workforce.

Calling upon our own experiences from working closely with the public sector and determining your underlying goals, we’ll help you manage your shrinking budgets without compromising on the quality of service you deliver to the public.