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BYOD Solutions

With 89% of IT departments now supporting Bring Your Own Device initiatives, you too can start enjoying the transformative benefits offered by a more flexible and personal working environment.

Allowing your employees to decide how, when and with which devices their daily tasks are fulfilled not only cultivates a more innovative environment but enables your staff to reach new heights of efficiency. Through their own choice of applications and devices, you can put the control and trust back in your employee’s hands and allow them to combine their personal and work lives more effectively, ultimately leading to a more content workforce. With employees paying for part or all of their devices, BYOD also looks to reduce the cost of your corporate fleet and reduce the administration burden often incurred by mobilisation. These savings parcelled with increased productivity have seen almost 70% of firms that have implemented BYOD programs achieving increased bottom line revenues.

If you’re business is ready to embark on a BYOD program, partner with Elite Telecom today to create a strategic BYOD roadmap. We’ll then assist you every step of the way to ensure the effective and seamless implementation of your program warranting security and compliance at every stage of the process.

Mobile application management solutions

Mobile Application Management

A full provisioing and management tool giving you complete control over those accessing your network.

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Mobile browser management solutions

Mobile Browser Management

Restrict access to websites that could potentially threaten your busines to keep your network secure and staff productive.

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Mobile content management

Mobile Content Management

Enjoy multi content delivery capabilities that allow your workforce to access business content securely from anytime, anywhere.

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Mobile device management MDM

Mobile Device Management

Giving your employees device freedom with the security peace of mind you need to enjoy a flexible and more productivity workforce.

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Mobile email management

Mobile Email Management

Granting your employees with the flexible and easy access to their everyday email applications without putting your business at risk.

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