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Kiddicare Case Study

Kiddicare Call Queuing Solution Case Study

Kiddicare is an innovative online provider of baby and child equipment including accessories and toys. With customers able to order online and over the phone, call influxes would vary greatly from day to day. 

The Challenge

  • Able to answer calls without increasing staff overheads
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The Solution

  • Elite Call Queuing
  • Each Kiddicare caller is given an estimated waiting time, and if that is over 2minutes, it encourages the customer to hang up and call back in an estimated wait time without losing their place in the queue.
  • When an agent becomes available and there are no callers waiting, Elite provided Kiddiecare with an automated redialler automatically calling the customer back.

The Results

  • Improvements in customer satisfaction - Just as requested by Kiddicare, the installation of Elite Call Queuing has improved staff morale and customer satisfaction as they are able to get on with their day rather than waiting on hold.
  • Improvements in staff morale - as customers are queued in a way that isn’t of annoyance to them, they spend less time complaining about the length of the queue to the agents. Not only does this mean that calls are dealt with faster and more efficiently, but it also means that staff remain happier as they aren’t being shouted at.
  • Improvements in inbound call handling - The solution has allowed Kiddicare to control their incoming calls, giving them smaller peaks in call traffic.