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Destinology Unified Communications Case Study

Destinology was founded in 2004 by CEO Dominic Speakman with the aim to provide luxury, tailor-made holidays online at the best value prices. Headquartered in Bolton, Destinology employs 110 dedicated and experienced staff delivering the highest level of customer service.

The Challenge

  • A solution that was flexible enough to meet its on-going business requirements, without the need to invest in rigid proprietary hardware products.
  • The ability to be customised to the specific needs of the business e.g. bespoke reporting and call routing.
  • To reduce operating costs.
  • To find a one-stop-shop supplier that offered a fully integrated telephony solution.
  • A telephony solution that could converge with its existing server environment and provide rapid disaster recovery.

The Solution

  • Swyx was chosen as it was able to meet all the needs of the business.
  • Call data and open API (Application Programming Interface) was required to crunch the call data and track inbound customer numbers more effectively, giving the business more clarity on the calls e.g. ring times, wait times, call costs.
  • The API has a major advantage because it would allow the business to customise the solution to meet Destinology’s exact business requirements by simply designing additional applications.
  • Elite’s solution gave the business a remote working option allowing for flexibility.

The Results

  • A more flexible and bespoke system with much lower operating costs – According to Chris Carter, network and infrastructure manager at Destinology, the system has been a great success in not only employee adoption, but with enhancing the travel company’s reputation for excellent customer service.
  • A more integrated and personalised service for customers – Destinology’s custom built telephony ‘skin’ is fully integrated with their booking system. When a client’s CLI (Calling Line Identification) is available it allows the customer account executives to action their calls more effectively as it provides a ‘pop-up’ window that shows all the inbound caller’s details, such as booking history. Chris adds: “We also use scripting to ensure that wherever possible inbound calls are routed back to the same agent that dealt with the call in the first place. This again is consistent with our policy of delivering a high level of personalised customer service.”
  • Tracking numbers from the website now allow Destinology to test the effectiveness of business development campaigns- Using the API the company has been able to track the customer journey more effectively and more affordably than previously, Chris explains: “Using Swyx we have been able to post around 2,000 unique numbers on our website and track the progress of these when a potential client calls in. Each time a call is tracked right through to an agent we know when a particular campaign has been successful. This helps us to fine-tune our business development activities and saves us money as our previous approach to this exercise was very expensive.”
  • Better support for remote working and allows more flexible movement for agents – Using softphones, the company can now offer a remote-working option to its agents. With Swyx an employee can log directly into the company’s phone system from any location and the ‘rich presence’ feature enables other staff to know if they are available for calls or busy by syncing with their email calendar. Chris comments: “Using the softphone and headsets our agents can work wherever we want them to, they just plug in and log-in. This was another advantage of the system as other vendors tried to make us stay with desk-phones, which would not have offered the flexibility we required.”
  • Lower business mobile bills and costs - Agents can make and receive calls to their mobiles without incurring a charge on their personal phones. Using Swyx’s CTI+ feature, Destinology can gain even more flexibility with their agents by enabling them to use their own mobile phones, so they can make and receive calls without a charge going to their personal account.
  • PCI Compliance - Using our custom built unified comms platform, Destinology do not have to worry about the added pressures of PCI compliance, which comes built in with the system. This means that when a customer gives their credit card number, this is recorded automatically and for security purposes is not heard by the agent.
  • Future proof and scalable – the software licensing of this particular platform enables Destinology to upsize the business on a per user basis without having to invest in expensive new hardware. Furthermore, the company can take advantage of new future developments via regular software updates, without worrying that they will need to replace their existing investment.
  • Lower operational telephony costs - Chris expects that overall operating costs will continue to drop as more features are brought on board. The company is already saving money on handsets and other hardware applications that are now redundant with the use of Swyx.
  • More assured business continuity with a single point of contact for all IT and telephony- Whilst Destinology can handle the day-to-day telephony issues in-house, the company now has the added reassurance, should there be a more serious problem, that they only need to make one call to ensure that the issue is resolved and business continuity is maintained. Elite also offers a dedicated Disaster Recovery Server, which means in the worst case scenario the operation will be up and working again within minutes.

What the client says

Chris Carter, Network & Infrastructure Manager at Destinology, finished by saying:

"I am very happy with the level of support and knowledge delivered by Elite Telecom.  We try and do as much as we can in-house, but often I like to call Elite and bounce ideas off them and together this relationship works really well because as our business develops it becomes a win/win process for the both of us.”