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Everton FC case study

Everton FC Call Queuing Case Study

Everton Football Club is a famous long serving Premier League football club from Liverpool. With an army of football fans and loyal supporters, Everton FC is committed to keeping followers up to date and satisfied at all times

The Challenge

  • Provide the club with a memorable phone number
  • Improve customer service
  • Deal with peaks and troughs of call volume

The Solution

  • Elite worked closely with Everton to provide a memorable non-geographic number that related to the year of the club’s formation, meaning it also had some significance to the fans and would always be remembered.
  • They chose a bespoke and intelligent call management system that allowed fans to listen to match information whatever time of day.
  • We simultaneously implemented an efficient call queuing system which allowed calls to be answered in order of who has been waiting the longest.

The Results

  • More calls - Fans are now able to call the club from anywhere without having access to the internet or a phone book as the number is easily remembered.
  • Fewer complaints - Due to the effective call management system and call queuing software fans are queued in an orderly fashion so that no one is ever waiting to speak to an agent for too long. Not only does this mean more satisfied customers, but it also means that less time is spent on the calls as callers are not complaining about waiting in a queue.
  • Increase in efficiency - Overall, Elite Telecom helped Everton FC to provide a better service to loyal fans that will keep them satisfied and coming back.