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Indesit IVR and Call Recording Case Study

Indesit IVR and Call Recording Case Study

Indesit is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and distributors of electrical appliances, such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves. Indesit hold many ties to other big brand names and speak passionately of their ability to offer customers a seamless and efficient service, delivering reliable and energy efficient products.

The Challenge

  •   Offer a quicker and faster solution to their customers, enabling them to speak to local agents.
  •   Increase call answer rate
  •   Enable better staff training and development

The Solution

  •   The customer calls 902 133 133; once the number has been dialled, Elite would then use the caller’s geographic location, determined by the caller’s postcode, to quickly route the call to the customer’s nearest and local Indesit call centre.
  •   An effective IVR platform means customers are able to navigate through the menu to press to speak to a customer service agent, which is when Elite would route the call.
  •   Elite also helped implement a call recording solution to ensure that calls were always monitored,  which could assist with training and developing call agents.

The Results

  •   Increased answer rate - Indesit is no longer losing calls; the average answer rate is now 99%
  •   Increased customer service and customer satisfaction - Network call recording allowed the quality of calls taken by service centre technicians to be up to standards.

This Elite solution included the following products and services: