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Romec Telephone System Case Study

Romec Telephone System Case Study

Originally the Royal Mail Engineering & Construction division of The Post Office, Romec was established in 1989 to provide dedicated facilities and engineering-related services to the Royal Mail Group. In 2000 Romec was launched as a fully-fledged facilities management company and since then has added well-known brands such as Marks & Spencer, Camelot and Sainsbury's to its portfolio. The company now employs over 4,500 staff throughout the UK.

The Challenge

  • A flexible and robust 250+ user system that could operate over multiple sites, was easily configurable and function-rich and could be easily upgraded to accommodate new users in the future
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • A solution that provided enhanced remote working using home based internet connectivity
  • Provide sophisticated call scripting  for a demanding inbound/outbound call centre environment
  • Provide detailed call analysis
  • Have integrated call recording
  • To be configurable by Romec’s own technical staff

The Solution

  • Elite supplied Romec with a flexible and future proof system with built in Disaster Recovery that enabled home working, call recording and call analysis.
  • Easy to use system, which is easy to be configurable by Romec’s own staff, who also have the facility to create call scripting and IVRs at the touch of a button.
  • Phased approach starting initially with Warrington and then rolling out to Leeds and Stockport.
  • The Warrington facility is very busy during the day so all of the work had to be carried out during the night, however this was not a problem for Elite who were available 24/7 during this period to ensure that the installation went ahead as planned.
  • My Call Centre (MCC) was implement; a high performing application that is able to integrate with existing CRM and ERP solutions, providing enhanced call features such as call queuing, real time monitoring and a detailed reporting system. MCC was rolled out in conjunction with My Call Centre Standby to the 80+ staff located in the Leeds call centre, perfect for a business like Romec that demands zero downtime.
  • Specific software ‘skin’ for Romec that highlights which alarms/calls are of highest importance, for example; if a vehicle is stolen or an intruder is detected these alarms would have a higher priority than a minor air conditioning failure. 
  • 50/50 ISDN to SIP trunking split, as businesses wishing to migrate to unified communications or IP solutions can take the step gradually by investing in hybrid options.

The Results

  • A flexible solution that improved operational efficiency and retained 100% service - According to Keating the SwyxWare Unified Communications system has achieved everything that was required of it and much more, and it has even overcome a few dissenting voices who were unsure that a ‘pure’ IP based PBX system would deliver the performance that the organisation demanded.
  • Improvement in overall work place efficiency due to rich features - Romec is now able to manage call routing dependent on the time of day, for example; when Warrington is finished they switch across to Leeds which is 24/7. The company were also able to use the system to integrate the entire company phonebook to make use of the Click to Dial feature.
  • The presence feature enables them to know at any time who is active, who is busy and who is free to create a faster working environment, and sophisticated call scripting ensures that call centre operators now follow the correct procedure for each alarm/call dependent on priority.
  • An integrated wallboard display feature shows all calls actioned, missed etc. – allowing closer analysis of procedures, how much time is spent on the call, when the peaks and troughs are, staffing during low activity times etc.
  • Remote working for ultimate flexibility and cost savings - Managers can work from any location using their lap-tops and soft-phones instead of their mobiles, thus saving money on call costs and travel. The integrated Conference facility alone is saving the company around about £1,000 per month.
  • Overall business savings - As the solution cuts out additional support costs (particularly as there is less hardware with IP based solutions), Romec’s in house team is able to deal with all configurations.
  • A back up and Disaster Recovery plan to ensure critical business continuity - Business continuity is guaranteed as Romec is able to route calls to different locations and use SIP trunking to backup main ISDN lines in case of catastrophic failure.
  • Intuitive call features with easy management – the My Call Centre software application enables Romec to operate an intelligent automated call distribution strategy as well as benefit from rich features such as outstanding queue management and real time monitoring. The MCC Standby further provides zero downtime.

What the client says

Stuart Keating, Information Services Manager at Romec, says:

“We were very impressed by the SwyxWare solution and the knowledge [Elite Telecom] demonstrated about our business requirements. The software was feature rich, future proof and extremely flexible and could be deployed on our existing infrastructure and supported by our own in-house staff, therefore negating the need to rely on third-party contractors.

We really like the licensing model as this would allow us to grow our call centres incrementally without major capital costs or disruptions to our operation.

The system has been very reliable and the level of service from Elite Telecom has been extremely high, they are always available when we need them.

The solution is a real asset to our entire organisation.”